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Wednesday / December 6.
Retired 9News anchor Gary Shapiro shares his thoughts on Bucket List Community Cafe and makes a pitch to support community journalism through recurring contributions.
Watch Bucket List's latest video featuring community members from all around Denver!

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Bucket List Community Cafe
Bucket List Community Cafe1 hour ago
Good advice about bringing home a dog for the holidays from our friend, veterinarian Kevin T Fitzgerald.
Bucket List Community Cafe
Bucket List Community Cafe22 hours ago
On this Colorado Gives Day here are 10 reasons to give to community journalism. Click here to contribute.

*Because we are trustworthy and local.
*Because we build community by sharing our stories.
*Because we cover stories that might be overlooked.
*Because we foster engagement and connection.
**Because we make sure all voices in the community are heard.
*Because we make sure people see themselves in the news.
*Because we are the first step for the next generation of journalists.
*Because we help ensure an informed community which is good for democracy.
*Because we amplify what matters to our neighbors, organizations and businesses.
*Because we are your neighbors.
Bucket List Community Cafe
Bucket List Community Cafe24 hours ago
Our Daianee Galindo wrote about Moms on Mushrooms, an organization that brings together moms from all over the world interested in microdosing psilocybin-containing mushrooms. In Nov. 2022, Colorado legalized Prop 122, allowing individuals 21+ to grow and use the fungi recreationally. After coming out of the "shroom closet," as she calls it, founder Tracy Lee discovered that many other women could benefit from and were interested in the practice. The women share motherhood wisdom and share advice with one another. Read here:
Bucket List Community Cafe
Bucket List Community Cafe2 days ago
This update from Climate Central got our attention this morning.

This November, Denver was much warmer than normal and much drier than normal. The average temperature of 43.2°F was 3.8° above normal, and the 0.18 inches of precipitation was 28% of the normal amount (data are from SC-ACIS and normal is defined relative to the 1991-2020 NCEI climate normal). Novembers in Denver are getting hotter, leading to a change of 3.8°F since 1970. November is also the month with the second fastest rate of warming in Denver. The forecast for December from NOAA's Climate Prediction Center suggests that Colorado is slightly favored to be warmer than normal. See for their temperature and precipitation predictions for December and beyond.
Bucket List Community Cafe
Bucket List Community Cafe2 days ago
Our Jackie Ramirez wrote about the Denver Basic Income Project, the pilot project in Denver funded by the CARES Act. Mayor Mike Johnston just committed $2 million to the program over the next year, after its six-month update proved to be effective. The program paid $12,000 to over 800 participants who were suffering from homelessness and were negatively impacted by the pandemic. Click to read here: