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More Safe Outdoor Spaces for the Homeless Coming to North Denver

Two North Denver safe space encampments for the homeless will be opening up in June due to the efforts of the Colorado Village Collaborative.   On May 5, Regis University announced that its parking lot near 50th and Federal will be one location.  The second will be at Park Hill United Methodist Church.  Colorado Village Collaborative which has been seeking […]

North Denver Program Helps Immigrant Artists Take it to the Next Level

Rosario Weston has always been a skilled painter. She loves to create pieces that beautifully meld her Latin roots with her North American upbringing. She moved from Chile to the United States with her family of nine when she was 10 years old. She received an offer for a full-scholarship to study painting in college, […]


Ever hear “overqualified” or similar words when being declined for a job? It sounds complimentary at first, but soon becomes apparent it must be code for something else that lost you the opportunity. In the growing trend toward ageism, overqualified is the lingo used by recruiters to soften the blow to people over 40, 50 […]

Neighborhood Life

Pickleball is a Hit in Denver

This past weekend my friend Cole, texted me and asked me what I was doing. My phone screen lit up and the grey bubbles of IMessage stared up at me. “You want to get some Pickleball going?” Cole, a collegiate athlete, goes on to tell me, “dude, It’s the real deal.  I’ve never felt competition like […]

Earnest Hall Reopens in Sunnyside

“We’re so excited you guys are open,” exclaimed some of Earnest Hall’s guests as they returned for the first time since the restaurant was forced to shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Ernie’s Pizza & Bar, now Earnest Hall, is back in business near 44th and Federal in Sunnyside.  It opened to the public on Wednesday […]

Whittier Mural Has Story To Tell

Linda Block has lived in her home in Whitter for over 25 years. She’ll admit she’s not very creative, but Block knew the blank canvas on the side of her garage was crying out for some artistic attention. Now if you take a stroll down 24th Ave between Gilpin and Williams, you’ll notice the city’s […]

Five Questions

Five Questions for Louise Martorano

What’s special about where you live and work in North Denver?  So many things, but one that I love to share is that RedLine’s neighborhood of Five Points is so unique and special to Denver because the history it holds. Known as the Harlem of the West, Five Points is celebrated for its rich African-American […]

Five Questions for Jason Hornyak

Jason Hornyak is the head of the Chaffee Park Neighborhood Association What’s special about where you live in North Denver?    What I like most about Chaffee Park is the neighborhood’s positive relationship with and attitude toward change. A few months ago, Chaffee Park became the first neighborhood in Denver to voluntarily change its zoning […]

Five Questions for Phil Maravilla

What’s special about where you live in North Denver? I live in Uptown. I loved the neighborhood 11 years ago when I first moved to Denver, and I love it even more now. One of the first apartments I toured when I moved to town happens to be in the building where I live now, Avenue […]

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New Homeless Experience Instability and Invisibility

For many, driving through the intersection of 22nd and Stout in North Denver is part of their daily commute. For others it’s where they spend most of their nights. The intersection is cluttered with tents, tarps and trash that are scattered along numerous blocks.  There are small homeless communities along a bridge on North Broadway and back […]

Passing Through the ICU

On February 1, 2021 my guy, Jerry, went in for a foot surgery.  A bunion, a hammer toe, arthritis.  Outpatient.  A week recovery and he’d be back to work.  A few days later he developed a blood clot which turned into a pulmonary embolism which made him go into full cardiac arrest.  He coded in Denver’s Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical […]

Planting a Tree Helps Everything

The last few days of frigid temperatures and snow can make us feel like winter’s hold on Denver will never ease. Yet, here we are, less than a month from Daylight Savings Time and just over a month until the Spring Equinox. As spring arrives, we have an opportunity to do something truly transformational. We […]

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