My name is Vicky Collins and I live in Northwest Denver.  In my real life I’m a journalist and television producer.  I do network news and videos for non-profits.  I’ve always dreamed that in my next life I’d have a coffee shop/bookstore/art gallery/wine bar. It would be full of books and photography and there would be special events and lots of community.  In the Berkeley neighborhood where I live now, there are places like this on Tennyson Street.  I’m a regular at Tenn Street Coffee and Books and Book Bar.  So I’m creating a virtual coffee shop.  It’s a digital news site and a place for people to meet and talk about what matters to them. After years of doing just national news, I’m turning my attention to hyper-local digital journalism. What is important to the Northside of Denver? It’s journalism by walking around. In these uncertain times it is more essential to ever.

I originally envisioned this in Makawao, Maui.  I grew up in Hawaii and I’ve always thought I’d return.  But I’ve come to love Denver where I’ve been for over 20 years.  My children are here and my cafe will be here too.  I hope to showcase the interests of my Northside community.  I live in an area where neighbors know each other and see each other on the street.  They stop and chat and pet each other’s dogs.  There are always dishes of water left out and dog treats in the stores we pass.  Dogs are always welcome in my cafe.  My dog, Ca$h, will meet and greet you.

Since a brick and mortar establishment is not in the cards at this time we can create an online community. So welcome to Bucket List Community Cafe.  Come inside.  Tell me what matters to you. Tell me what you’re reading.  Show me your artwork.  Let’s sit together and visit about adventures and experiences.  Let’s be neighbors.  Let’s be friends. Let’s be a community and let’s get started.

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