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15,000 Parents Petition CHSAA to Let Them Watch Their Kids Play Sports

Athletics, from professional to high school to intramural sports, have rolled out new procedures to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. These include shortened seasons, masks during competition and vigorous COVID testing and screening for athletes. The Colorado High School Activities Association, also known as CHSAA, is the governing body of high school sports in Colorado.  It […]

After Arrests in Tragic Crime Friends Still Ask Why

Six months following a devastating fire that killed five members of a Senegalese family in Denver, and days after the arrest of three juveniles for the horrific crime, a question is lingering in the community.  Why?   Djibril and Adja Diol and their two year old toddler, Khadija, as well as Mr. Diol’s sister, Hassan and her […]

Brother Jeff fills a need in Five Points

The pandemic has forced many people into a corner. With their money stretched thin, people are struggling to decide whether their paychecks should go to rent, groceries, prescriptions or gas.  Jeff Fard — more commonly known as Brother Jeff — is hyper-aware of this reality, and his nonprofit in Five Points has answered the cries […]

Neighborhood Life

Whittier Mural Has Story To Tell

Linda Block has lived in her home in Whitter for over 25 years. She’ll admit she’s not very creative, but Block knew the blank canvas on the side of her garage was crying out for some artistic attention. Now if you take a stroll down 24th Ave between Gilpin and Williams, you’ll notice the city’s […]

Write a Book with your Kids

My kids have active imaginations.  This year we wrote a book we’re calling, “Diem’s Dream,” at least for now.  My daughter, Diem (4 years old), is always telling me stories about adventures with her imaginary friends.  My son and I love to draw.  In the spring we would draw mythical creatures for hours and then write three sentences about […]

Parts of a pandemic life suck but…

Even in a pandemic there are so many things I’m grateful for this year.   1.       “Quartanteam”:  My quarantine team consists of my husband, our two kids, our wonder dog, Franklin the golden retriever, and our neighbors across the street with similar-aged kids.  After going pandemic life alone as a family of four with a […]

Five Questions

Five Questions for Louise Martorano

What’s special about where you live and work in North Denver?  So many things, but one that I love to share is that RedLine’s neighborhood of Five Points is so unique and special to Denver because the history it holds. Known as the Harlem of the West, Five Points is celebrated for its rich African-American […]

Five Questions for Jason Hornyak

Jason Hornyak is the head of the Chaffee Park Neighborhood Association What’s special about where you live in North Denver?    What I like most about Chaffee Park is the neighborhood’s positive relationship with and attitude toward change. A few months ago, Chaffee Park became the first neighborhood in Denver to voluntarily change its zoning […]

Five Questions for Phil Maravilla

What’s special about where you live in North Denver? I live in Uptown. I loved the neighborhood 11 years ago when I first moved to Denver, and I love it even more now. One of the first apartments I toured when I moved to town happens to be in the building where I live now, Avenue […]

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Planting a Tree Helps Everything

The last few days of frigid temperatures and snow can make us feel like winter’s hold on Denver will never ease. Yet, here we are, less than a month from Daylight Savings Time and just over a month until the Spring Equinox. As spring arrives, we have an opportunity to do something truly transformational. We […]

Want That House? Better Move Fast

This morning I stood outside of a quaint Tudor single-family home in Berkeley – period details, close to the park, and move-in ready condition.  The client was already in love with it before walking in, and we knew they would need to be competitive with their offer if they wanted the home.  The last agent was […]

Meet Quinn Finer: Intern Extraordinaire

Hi everyone! My name is Quinn Finer, and I’m a Journalism student at The University of Colorado. My focus is on sports media. I’m a Colorado native hailing from Fort Collins and I currently live in Boulder with my partner and Golden Retriever. I’m very excited to learn more about the rich culture of North […]

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