About Us

Bucket List Community Café started as an item on a bucket list.  That’s how it got its name. It has evolved into the pulse of North Denver.  Aggregated and original.  A place of information, connection and communication.  The site was founded by television producer and journalist Vicky Collins in 2019.  Vicky lives in Northwest Denver and originally envisioned Bucket List Community Café as a way to share her photographs and observations of the vibrant area where she now lives.  Since then it has become a well-recognized source of news and information for North Denver residents, neighborhood organizations, city leaders, local media, small businesses and non-profits.      

Bucket List Community Café is not a brick and mortar establishment but rather a digital gathering place to learn what’s happening in the diverse neighborhoods of North Denver.  It’s a place to meet and talk about what matters.  News, issues, culture, events, people, pets, small businesses and more.  It is your voice and your community.  Bucket List Community Café invites you to tell what’s important to you.  Engage, share, follow and be part of the community. There is so much to contribute and discuss.     

There are several ways to enjoy Bucket List Community Café.  Here on the website where you will find the mission, blog and connections to community. Also on Facebook where you will find the news feed and group, and on Instagram and Twitter.   Bucket List Community Café is working to Inform and connect people from Northwest to Northeast Denver..  It is journalism by walking around and telling stories of what’s happening at the most grassroots level, in the unique neighborhoods of North Denver.