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Thursday / December 2.
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About Us

There’s a story behind everything. Bucket List Community Café started as an item on a bucket list, a vision to create a welcoming space to get to know one another.  It evolved into the online pulse of North Denver, a well-recognized source for information, inspiration, and interaction. Bucket List Community Café has a unique niche at the intersection between journalism and community. Everyone has a story, and we bring people together by telling their stories.    

Bucket List Community Café is a place to meet and talk about what matters in our neighborhoods. News, issues, culture, events, people, pets, food, fun, and more. From Regis to Montbello, East to West Colfax, Highlands to Globeville, and City Park. There’s so much that we share.  Bucket List Community Café was started in 2019 by Vicky Collins, a television producer and journalist, who was enamored with her new home in North Denver. What started as musings and photos has turned into a vibrant online home that reflects who we are as a community. 

Bucket List Community Café is friendly and positive and leans towards social justice. We are hyperlocal and strive to represent the diverse voices from different neighborhoods of North Denver. We support community journalism and collaborate with non-profits and small businesses. We believe community news is a part of an ecosystem and stories rise from the grassroots: our homes, streets, and neighborhoods. Our concerns and activism reflect a response, not just in our community, but to the larger issues we face as a state and nation. We are all in this together.

We care about all people who live in our community including those who are homeless, food insecure, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and those with different abilities. We do journalism by walking around.  We believe journalism is stronger when it is community-inspired and supported. There are no paywalls, subscriptions, memberships, or ads. Bucket List Community Café is supported by the community and everyone is welcome at Bucket List Community Café.