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Monday / May 29.
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Youth Suspect Leads Police on Hours Long Manhunt

A massive manhunt in the Lakeside neighborhood ended peacefully Tuesday when a juvenile offender who escaped from custody was apprehended.  17 year old Juan Ocegueda took off from Primary Dental at 5801 W. 44th Avenue after stabbing his custodial officer during a dental appointment.  

The incident happened around 8:45 a.m. and Ocegueda was taken into custody at 2 p.m. following a door to door search in Mountain View.

Ocegueda stabbed the corrections officer who accompanied him to the dentist multiple times.  A member of the staff told Bucket List Community Café that Ocegueda asked to go to the bathroom and when his handcuffs were removed he pulled a knife, stabbed the guard and fled. 


His leg shackles prevented him from going far and he was picked up at 43rd and Eaton.  During the search neighbors were advised to shelter in place because Ocegueda was considered armed and dangerous.  Ocegueda was hiding near a garage with shackles still around his legs when police finally caught up with him. 

“He ran after me with the knife, found the door, and ran out,” said Jacqueline, who worked for Primary Dental and witnessed the entire incident. The suspect hurled obscenities as Jacqueline went to help the injured guard. “I just thought to help that guy and thought about my son,” she said tearfully.

Agencies on the scene were the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and SWAT Team, the Arvada Police Department and the Lakeside Police Department which has its offices next door to Primary Dental.  

Police and SWAT equipped with long guns, body armor and dogs combed around houses nearby as helicopters and drones scanned the area overhead for any sign of Ocegueda. The suspect wore tan pants and a white t-shirt at the time of his escape. Jefferson County Police released multiple photos of the juvenile escapee to help the public be alert.

Ocegueda was being held at the Platte Valley Juvenile Detention facility in Greeley before his brief escape. The suspect was originally arrested for his involvement in a carjacking and robbery. Attempted murder and charges related to fleeing could be added to his sentence. 

The corrections officer who was stabbed multiple times and taken to a local hospital is expected to make a full recovery. 

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department tweeted “We are grateful to report that the correctional officer who was stabbed multiple times in Lakeside did not sustain life threatening injuries during the attack.  He will be treated and released from the hospital today.” 

The knife that was used in the stabbing was not a dental tool from Primary Dental. At this time, law enforcement officials are still not sure how the suspect was able to obtain and conceal the weapon. 

Jefferson County Sheriff’s office thanked the different agencies that provided assistance in the search for Ocegueda as well as their excellent teamwork in locating the suspect.

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