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Where The Hell Are We Going?

It didn’t take a genius to see what was missing.  It didn’t take a high paid consultant either.  It took a handful of college students doing a deep dive into Bucket List Community Café for a capstone strategic communications class at CU Denver to notice we didn’t have a mission statement.  After two years of posting stuff and […]

Posa Scarves: Inspired by Butterflies

My mother made our Halloween costumes by hand.  She baked elaborate birthday cakes, made holidays feel like magic, and as my sister and I got older found other ways to show us how much she loved us.  Going to work early so she could be at every soccer game we played in, putting surprises in […]

Thank you for your service…F*ck that

Air Force medic, Dominic Frederico, reflects on his time in Iraq after being sent there following 9/11. 20 years after the attack on the World Trade Center he reflects on his service and the trauma of war.


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