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Friday / September 22.
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Voters Want Answers from Mayoral Candidates

At the Denver Mayoral Debate at Regis University on February 9 many audience members had the same thing on their mind… Affordable housing. 

Denverites are looking to be able to buy and own property, something that is hard to do even with a well paying job.

(Sharron Pettiford, part of Ean Tomas Tafoya’s team, Community activist)

SOT: “I had a good labor job with good labor wages and I couldn’t buy a house… thats a problem”

Colorado currently has the 7th worst housing shortage in the country. The state needs 127,000 units to break even for the amount of homes for everyone in the state to have somewhere to live. The city of Denver accounts for over 69,000 of these units.  

SOT: If state law applies would you support any rent control efforts, stand up yes. Thank you. Stand up no. Thank you.  

Regardless of these struggles voters are hopeful.

(Amelia Federico, Audience Member) 

SOT:“I’ve lived in Denver my whole life and I’m really excited about our next future mayor and what that means for the future of denver.”

The city of Denver will mail out ballots on march 13th and election day is April 4th. Voters are looking for change in Denver’s housing crisis. Mimi Herrick, Bucket List Community Cafe. 

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