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Friday / September 22.
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Podcast: Vera Idam

Over the last months we’ve seen refugees flooding into Denver on their way to a better life. In this month’s podcast, to celebrate Black History Month, we speak to activist and publisher, Vera Idam. In 2010 she came with her family to Denver from Nigeria seeking a better education for her three children. What her family experienced was culture shock, a system that makes it challenging to assimilate, and difficulties that dampen the spirits of immigrants and force them to slow down in their efforts to settle. Vera started a publication called Afrik Digest to help fellow Africans navigate the complexities of moving to Colorado. She talks to Bucket List Community Cafe about what it’s like to lack benefits, insurance and the challenges her children faced in school. She also speaks candidly about race in America and shares things she had to learn the hard way. Years after arriving she loves her new home and is working to make it a more welcoming and empathetic place so new arrivals can get the help they need and start their own journey to contribute to the community.

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