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Saturday / December 2.
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Podcast: The Lockwood Family Travels

This month on Bucket List Community Cafe’s podcast, the Lockwood family had travel on their bucket list so they stopped dreaming about it and actually turned it into a lifestyle. A semi-nomadic lifestyle! In 2020, when Covid changed everything, Phil and Erin Lockwood of Northeast Denver found themselves rooted and restless in their home. They wanted to explore and have a more enriching education for their three children. Anticipating impending lockdowns the Lockwood’s and their kids made a bold decision to relocate to their second home in Coronado Island, California.

This process was fairly seamless, with Phil working remotely and Colt and Brooklyn transitioning to online schooling. With the freedom to be anywhere, and the help of a vacation club called Inspirato, the Lockwoods embraced travel as an exciting and immersive option for their entire family. As they say, “instead of one day, day one!”

While their commitment to taking the pandemic seriously remained at the forefront, the Lockwoods capitalized on the opportunity to explore North America, visiting Mexico and Central America.

When pandemic restrictions gradually eased, the Lockwoods enrolled their younger children in asynchronous schooling, creating more flexibility for their travels. Their older daughter, Reagan, now 16, decided to return home to go to high school. They cast a wider net for destinations and their YouTube channel which they started in late 2019, called “Always Be Changing,” began receiving thousands of views on every video.

Today, Phil and Erin have devoted themselves to traveling with their children, and they invest countless hours shooting and editing their YouTube videos. Their semi-nomadic lifestyle, although seemingly idyllic, is not without its challenges. With Colt, age 10, and Brooklyn, age 11, there are concerns about their socialization, compared to others their age, who are in traditional in-person schools. Additionally, the financial burden of travel for a family of four is very expensive.

Nonetheless, the Lockwoods have gone on trips to Central America, Europe, and Asia over the past year and a half, with the goal of reaching all seven continents in the coming years. During their travels, they love to eat their way through new cultures and experience off-the-beaten-path adventures.

The Lockwoods are now only a couple of weeks away from returning to Asia and continuing to provide a unique world view to their kids that they would only otherwise learn about through textbooks and television.

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