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Wednesday / December 6.
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Parasols Have Their Day in the Sun

Parasols are making a comeback as women become more aware of the need for sun protection. At this year’s Art Students League of Denver Summer Art Market 19 artists donated parasol artwork. Yes, artwork on parasols for people to use under the bright Colorado skies or hang in their homes for decoration.

Michelle Messenger, an artist that has been with the ASLD community for 10 years creates whimsical and encaustic art. Her pieces are light, fun and make people smile. She draws inspiration from sheep. 

“Strangers know that I was the one that developed and painted that particular parasol down here. I don’t know if you can see the sheep that are down here.” 

For Mami Yamamoto, an ASLD member since 2014, the process of creating art on the parasol was a new challenge.

“Yeah, so the parasol was a such a fun project. I love drawing. So, parasol project was like ‘Yes, I can draw!’ So I could have done print something and paste on that umbrella, but instead, when I look at that open parasol in the middle basically reminded me of a nose of something. So that is how I inspire. So, I’m going to do a nose and things and then everything else follows so naturally.”

The fundraiser was inspired by a past visitor of the Summer Art Market, who strolled along the booths with a parasol. Just as an artist would, they saw the blank canvas and decided to show their love for art. The Art Students League of Denver raised $1700 towards their mission. For Bucket List Community Café, Lilybeth Valles.

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