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Saturday / December 2.
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Podcast: Drag’s Laura Menorah aka Josh Miller

Josh Miller’s passion for politics was ignited during his upbringing in the suburbs of Denver. The events surrounding 9/11 and the subsequent wars overseas deeply impacted him during his high school years. Josh attended Cherry Creek High School and the conservative nature of the suburbs made him feel he could not be his authentic self, further fueling his drive to make a difference with LGBTQ+ rights.

“When you’re in ninth grade and you’re not out of the closet yet, and you step out in front of your house and you see everyone in your neighborhood has a Bush/Cheney sign, you know, I hope that would spark activism in anybody,” Miller said. “You see the value set that was established out in the suburbs and it just did not align with mine because it also demonized people who are different.”

After graduating from high school in 2005, Josh went to the University of Vermont, and began his journey as a political activist, protesting in the streets and fighting tirelessly for his beliefs. In Vermont, Josh finally felt welcome and confident in his environment. Over the years, Josh has become an important figure in political campaigns, working alongside prominent candidates such as Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, Gabby Giffords and Michael Hancock.

“Campaigns give me a high like no other in life. I love listening and talking to voters. I like hearing what’s on people’s minds. I like bettering the communities I’m in and supporting candidates who will do that.”

However, Josh’s political activism is just one facet of his identity. His love for drag pushed him to develop his own drag persona, Laura Menorah. Ever since, Laura has taken center stage in his life and has become a beloved figure in the Denver area, with regular performances at bars and events around town. Josh’s activism and love for drag have intertwined, with his recent focus being on supporting the LGBTQ+ community and advocating for their rights. Even as some states seek to demonize queer culture, Josh and Laura’s voices continue to be crucial ones in the fight for equality and acceptance.

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