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Saturday / December 2.
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Jasmine Holmes: I was born to be an artist

Jasmine Holmes has a need to create art. Her digital work exudes pride in her Caribbean and Black American heritage while provoking emotion. Holmes’ art is a statement. Whether she is showcasing food, botany or culture, she always leaves her audience in awe.

Originally from Pensacola, Florida, Jasmine comes from an artistic family. With her parents both illustrators, Holmes was immersed in art at a very young age. “I was born to be an artist” Jasmine shares. Her love and talent for art took her to the University of West Florida, where she pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and focused on figurative and realism art. “I fell in love with drawing humans in college”. Holmes says. 

She ventured off to Colorado State University for her Masters of Fine Arts. Even as she was enjoying her time there, she felt stuck. “In academia, you can be tokenized as an artist of color. It is expected of you to create one type of art.” According to Holmes In the art world, Black creators are often thought of as artists of social activism. Their art has to have a message and theme about the plight of the African-American experience. Although Jasmine’s work often covered the trials and tribulations of African-Americans, she wanted to create art that reflected the joy and resilience of her Black heritage. “Art is power instead of a source of pain. Leaving the academic world allowed me to shift into a space where I am honoring my ancestry” Holmes says. 

Jasmine’s shift and reflection of herself as an artist started during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic when she lost her studio and supplies. She decided that she wanted to branch out to explore different art mediums and push herself more. Jasmine’s first step into branching out of her comfort zone was her digital art piece, “FuFu” honoring her Black Caribean culture. “I ate FuFu (a dough like food) a lot growing up and I feel like it connects me to ancestors. This digital piece also is how I got my name out in the Denver community as an artist.”. As her digital piece became very popular, she had the confidence to apply for the 48 hours show at Redline Contemporary Art Center. She got in and this opportunity allowed Holmes a spot in the satellite Redline residency.

In these two years, Jasmine’s art has taken her places. Last year she partnered with a friend who is a chef in Colorado Springs for a food and art experience. Patrons would be treated to a 7-course meal cooked by her friend and a live art show created by her. This successful dinner inspired Jasmine to merge art and the other love she has in the world for food. She is currently manifesting this dream as she participates in the botany art residency with the Denver Botanic Gardens.

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