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Friday / September 22.
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Historic Haunts in Denver

With Halloween around the corner, you may be on the hunt for historic haunts in the Denver area.  There are creepy stories at locations that folks walk by every day.  Here are some of the top documented haunted places in the Denver metro area. 

Cheesman Park 

Between 8th and 13th Avenues, the 81 acre Cheesman Park is a popular place for events and warm summer evenings.  But there is also a dark history that has led to many scary stories. In the early years of Denver, it was known as Mount Prospect Cemetery.  After a long debate in 1890, the Colorado Senate decided that the cemetery was going to change into a park. Families were given 90 days to move their loved ones’ bodies and those who could, did.  But criminals, poor people and residents who had no family were buried there too. Denver hired E.P. McGovern, a contractor to move the rest of the bodies. To make more money McGovern separated remains, put them in child size caskets and spread them around.  

Body parts were strewn in the park.  After his contract was canceled, the city didn’t hire another contractor, and instead covered the graves without moving the remaining bodies. It’s estimated that over 2,000 bodies are still in the park. Some Denver residents have told stories of feeling uneasy in the park, hearing voices or even seeing shadows from the corners of their eyes. It is even rumored it inspired the classic 1982 Steven Spielberg horror film Poltergeist. The film, The Changeling, was based on writer Russell Hunter’s experiences while living in a  house on the edge of Chessman Park. Walking ghost tours run through November 3 and can be booked at

Molly Brown House 

One the most famous historic house in Denver is the Molly Brown House on Pennsylvania Street. The home belonged to Margaret Brown aka “Unsinkable Molly Brown” who was an activist and was famously known for surviving the sinking of the Titanic.  The home is now a historic museum. The Victorian mansion is over 100 years old, and stories come from neighbors of the home, passersby, workers, and visitors alike.  Folks have told stories of a shadowy figure walking down a staircase and a ghost cat running around the halls. Passersby have reported seeing a figure in the windows when no is in the home. Workers see lights turning off and on, as well as furniture being moved. People have also reported smelling Molly Brown’s husband, J.J Brown’s, pipe out of nowhere.  The Molly Brown House is open Thursday through Sunday 10am to 5pm.  Visit for more information. 

The Patterson Inn

The historic Patterson Inn, also known as the Croke-Patterson Mansion, is in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  It was home to Thomas Patterson, a politician and newsman, who lived in the house from 1893 to 1916 when he tragically died.  His wife, two children and infant child also met untimely deaths in the home.  Folks who have dared to stay in the Patterson Inn’s nine rooms have reported getting glimpses of past family or visitors to the mansion, and hearing baby cries, footsteps, barking dogs, opening and closing doors and voices. Some have even reported seeing Mrs. Patterson herself walking the halls. The 130 year old house was featured in the Travel Channel’s series, Portals to Hell.  Information for staying and visiting the Patterson Inn can be found on the website at

Tivoli Student Union aka Tivoli Brewing Company 

The Tivoli, in the heart of the Auraria campus, is a historic brewing company that was built in 1870. It was in one of the oldest areas of Denver.  The Tivoli houses the student unions of three schools, CU Denver, MSU Denver, and Community College of Denver. Students and workers alike share stories of strange things like hearing a little girl’s laughter and skipping in the halls.  Rumors are it was the spirit of a little girl who died in a home fire in the Auraria neighborhood, or the ghost daughter of the brewery founder.   

People have reported having uneasy feelings in the building and the elevators. Students also say they hear strange sounds as they’ve studied in different areas.  Some areas of the Tivoli just have an overall creepy feeling. Workers have told their bosses they wouldn’t go alone to certain spots in the building.  Tivoli can be visited Monday through Sunday 10 am to 10 pm. It is located on Auraria Parkway.

The Oxford Hotel 

One of the oldest hotels in the Denver area, the Oxford Hotel was built in 1891 and there are many unexplained events within the walls. Footsteps, cold spots and shadows have been reported in both the halls and a room of the hotel. People tell stories of seeing a woman in one of the rooms or a woman’s face in the mirrors. She is rumored to be the ghost of a woman who killed her husband then killed herself. She is also known for bothering single male travelers who stay in room 320. One famous ghost story comes from the bar of the hotel. A postman appeared during Christmas time and order a beer. When the bartender came to get the empty bottle, the bartender saw the postman and bottle disappear.

The Oxford Hotel is located on 1600 17th St, Denver.  The Cruise Room Bar where the postman disappeared can be visited too. Go to the website at for booking.  You can also visit, a ghost tour that lets you check out these and other Denver haunts for a perfectly creepy Halloween encounters to keep you up at night.


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