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Monday / October 2.
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Furry Friends Fix Office Frustrations

There’s something about a wagging tail and a smile that never fails to lift up people’s spirits, and in a space that can be as stressful as an office, a happy dog can be the best part of your day.

June 24th is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and the corporate staff of Denver’s CorePower Yoga would highly recommend taking advantage of this holiday. They reap the rewards of having a dog in the office almost every single day because Robin August, CorePower’s Operations Communications Manager, brings her dog Paloma to work on a regular basis. 

Paloma, a Maltese-Terrier rescue dog, has become an office celebrity who lights up every room she enters. August’s desk has two plaques on it: one with her name, and another with Paloma’s. People stop by during the workday just to say hello to their favorite coworker, who will give them a comforting snuggle in return. This sort of morale boost can do a lot for an office environment. Life in an office isn’t always as zen as a yoga studio, and a dog in the vicinity can help tremendously with that.

“She is adorable with a big personality, always looking for a treat and constantly guarding the operations department,” said Adrienne Lowry, a fan of Paloma’s and CorePower Yoga’s New Studio Opening Operations Manager. “When I need to de-stress, I’ll visit Robin and Paloma to take what I like to call a ‘Paloma break’. It’s a quick break where I sit on the floor and pet Paloma while she licks my hands.” 

Paloma has become a staple friendly face in the CorePower world, and August’s coworkers notice when Paloma isn’t around. 

“If we’re in a conference room for a meeting, Paloma will usually go around the table to greet everyone with a lick and then curl up under the table for the duration of the meeting. We’re able to conduct a meeting with minimal disruption,” she said. “It adds some levity regardless of the meeting agenda.”

August and Paloma have made going to work together part of their daily routine ever since they started working at CorePower over a year ago. August grabs her work bag, car keys, and Paloma’s leash on the way out of the house. They’re even able to make a midday walk part of their routine. “It’s just easy,” August said.

Some pets can certainly be more of a hindrance than an aid to office life. If they bark frequently, or don’t like interacting with other humans, then it’s probably best to leave them at home. But August recommends that anyone who has the opportunity to bring their well-behaved pet to the office should try it, of course making sure they bring enough water and treats.

“When pets are as well-behaved as Paloma, they are a necessary addition to the office,” Lowry said. “They are great to help us de-stress, remind us to stop, take a break, and go outside for five minutes instead of being glued to our desks all day.”

If Paloma reminds you of your own furry friend at home, consider bringing them to the office on June 24th. It might turn into a great new routine for the whole team!


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