About Us

Vicky Collins develops and produces network news and programming. Her company, Teletrends, specializes in television production for broadcast, cable, national syndication, internet and non-profit clients who use video to advance humanitarian work. When she isn’t flying off to cover breaking stories for NBC News, she is providing hyper-local journalism, from her home office, for the Northside of Denver. Bucket List Community Cafe was started in August 2019 as a way to connect people in all parts of North Denver. Vicky is a mom of two grown sons. Vicky is originally from Hawaii and now owns a home in Sunnyside and lives in Berkeley. She is also an avid photographer and journalist.

Blair Ewalt is Bucket List Community Café’s Guru of Engagement.  He is a 2020 graduate of the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado and is working on growth, marketing, social media and web development.   He is interested in using his entrepreneurial skills to help create more just and connected communities.  

Wendy Golden is a contributor to Bucket List Community Cafe. She was born and raised in Northern California where she loved to be in nature and create art. She is the mother of one wonderful son currently living and working on a farm in Israel. She’s spent the last ten years working for Apple as a Project Manager for Global Recruitment Marketing. After much thought she decided to leave the ocean behind and start a new life in the mountains of Colorado.  Wendy’s artwork has evolved into a textural playground using oil, acrylic, ink, spray paint, found objects, metal, wire, glass, beads and her favorite…yarn. Wendy hopes to bring her love of nature and creativity to the forefront in defining her new career direction and lifestyle… and she plans to rescue a dog.      

Ca$h is a dog. She is often seen sitting on her front lawn in Berkeley watching her world.