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Friday / September 22.
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Denver Psychic Tunes in to Animals

If you had the opportunity to communicate with your beloved pet, would you take it? From loved ones with feathers, to those with scales or fur, Phebe is an experienced tarot reader and animal psychic in Denver who helps people understand what their animal companions are thinking. 

She is the founder of Catnip Manor, a company created in 1993 that specializes in interpreting the behaviors, thoughts and lives of animals.  Phebe worked as a Tarot Reader at the Spirit Ways Metaphysical Shop in Denver, Colorado for over 40 years. Her grandmother Webster was a medium in Chicago who was able to communicate with the dead. Phebe grew up in an environment where what is unknown behind closed doors was open to her. She became a spiritual interpreter.

Her Grandmother Webster always told her, “If you’re supposed to have something, it happens. If you have to make it happen, it wasn’t supposed to.” Little did Phebe the psychic know that years later, the towel her grandmother embroidered for her with the words “Catnip Manor” would represent her purpose, to communicate with animals, specifically cats, and protect them by supporting efforts such as adoption, spaying, neutering, and more. 

The psychic works with people and all animals, but her specialty is working with cats. As a child, Phebe recalls her first encounter with a kitten her father brought home after it survived the outdoors alone. The cat grew up to be responsive to her father’s questions, identifying her answers by pointing to designated locations with her nose. “And that’s how I grew up, just talking to them like you normally would,” said Phebe.

“When I work with people, they come out of nowhere and call me. I get a lot of them that have a problem and the first thing I say to people is ‘Talk to them. Talk to your cat.’ Especially if you had two and one died, you’ve got to talk to them. You’ve got to let them know what happened here. But also, this is your companion. They do let you know what they need. They’re pretty powerful,” said Phebe.

People from all over the country reach out to Phebe to understand why pets behave in certain ways, what the history of the new member of the family is, or to address health issues the pet needs to communicate to their owner.  Phebe explains that she receives information from animals telepathically, asking them questions just as she would to a person. Afterwards, she uses the animal or cat tarot decks that consist of 78 symbolic cards to confirm the messages she receives.

“The tarot is only a tool to verify what you’re picking up on. I could tell you stuff without even opening this deck and then we’d spread the deck out and it would all be there. But that’s also from years of doing this, maybe lifetimes,” said Phebe. I get pretty busy with it.” 

Phebe calls her black cat Sophia and white cat Seraphim her guardians and helpers. The spiritual interpreter describes pets as having pure souls. Her admiration for cats does not end at the Catnip Manor office but is expanded into her home. This is where she continues to grow her cat collection in hopes of creating a museum out of it one day. Sessions with Phebe can be held in her office at 1776 S. Jackson St, #614 in Denver or by sending in pictures with your pet’s information through the Catnip Manor website at

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