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Friday / September 22.
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Coffee and Ice Cream and Coffee Ice Cream

I may be new to Denver but I’m pretty savvy when it comes to determining what’s most important. That’s why one of my first actions post-move was to locate and try as many coffee and ice cream vendors as possible. Luckily there’s plenty of great businesses now open to serve both those needs. Just be sure to wear a mask.

I’ve hit Little Man for Mint Chocolate Chip (a childhood favorite) and I was NOT disappointed. At Sweet Cow I had Oatmeal Cookie – YUM! And at High Point I’ve tried Earl Grey and Short Bread (super good), Chocolate chip coffee (WOW – quite the home run), but my favorite so far has to be their Cookies and Cream (OMG). It’s not like the typical run of the mill cookies and cream, oh no…it’s got three kinds of cookies mashed up in there! Next stop is Milky Way Ice Cream for what looks to be an extravaganza of what they call “Cosmic” cones. I’ll need to try their “Space Junkie” flavor too and find out what that’s all about! I’m going for the “dip” and “roll” too. Why not? You only live once through a pandemic!

In terms of joe…well he’s been very good to me as well. I’ve never seen so many mom and pop coffee shops in one place. It’s going to take me a good deal of time to get through them all but I’m on my way. Crema in the RINO is serving a great latte. There’s Downpour, Amethyst, and Tenn Street Coffee and Books where I love to make a mid walk stop for a cold brew. And I can’t wait until I can sit back down in the Bookbar with one of their cappuccinos. The SloHi on 29th serves up a wonderful iced toddy. And Pinwheel Coffee down on Navajo has the most amazing Honey, Almond, Cinnamon Latte cup-of-deliciousness ever. At The Bardo on 38th try a decaf coffee nightcap with a hit of CBD to help you fall asleep. I wonder if they know how fitting their name is? “The Bardo” is a halfway place where a person stops after death between heaven and earth. I’ll take a cup of joe to go!

And despite my above efforts, in the last couple of months, I seem to have leveled off my pandemic weight gain to just 5 pounds and holding. So yeah…I’m doing ok. Truly heaven exists at 5280.

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