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Tuesday / May 17.

This Is Not An Exit

I was in the Book Bar on Tennyson Street the other day.  When I need inspiration I often browse in book stores.  Ideas pop in my head as I move through the store and look at the shelves.  I walked through the fiction stacks and noticed greeting cards displayed on a door to my right and a sign […]

Brianna Titone: Legislative Trailblazer

Democrat Brianna Titone became Colorado’s first openly transgender elected legislator in 2018, helping set a course for a community that has long fought hard for recognition and acceptance.  She is one of a handful of openly transgender representatives currently serving in state governments across the country, which Titone said puts her legislative actions under the microscope.  “Some […]

More Safe Outdoor Spaces for the Homeless Coming to North Denver

Two North Denver safe space encampments for the homeless will be opening up in June due to the efforts of the Colorado Village Collaborative.   On May 5, Regis University announced that its parking lot near 50th and Federal will be one location.  The second will be at Park Hill United Methodist Church.  Colorado Village Collaborative which has been seeking […]

Neighborhood Life

Stapleton Airport: Yesterday and Today

Growth often kick starts change and development. In 1929 Denver first opened as a small municipal airport and eventually Stapleton airport helped put Denver on the map. Some of the airlines that flew into it are long gone. Remember Braniff, Western, Continental? Today the old tower is one of the few remnants left of the […]

Lady of the Lifts: A Weightlifting Odyssey

It can be challenging to expand into a new fitness journey. Even beginning the progress towards health and strength can cause insecurities if the gym doesn’t fit your needs.  Weight lifting gyms can be especially intimidating with all their mirrors and sculpted bodies but with Denver Barbell Club Adrienne Vogelsang found the sweet spot for her […]

Months After Sale, Mercury Cafe Still Has Familiar Vibe

Walking past the lit murals of expressive moons and roses on the door, the Mercury Café introduces itself. Jazz and swing music float through the air. Soft lighting that illuminates the room. Under the music is the chattering of guests ordering organic meals and local brew.  “It’s my first time here, but I love the […]

Five Questions

5 Questions for Nicole Vap

After a long career in broadcasting, you’ve decided to leave Tegna and 9News and leap into the unknown. Can you describe the excitement and trepidation you feel as you meet this moment? I’ve been reacting to monumental change my entire career. My first job required typewritten scripts that were then taped together to be physically run […]

5 Questions for Mark Fitz

You recently retired after a 45-year career in construction risk management.  How is it going so far? I love retirement! It took me about a month to decompress and unwind from going to work every day.  Then I settled into a comfortable routine of house chores, health & fitness, biking and walking everywhere; along with re-connecting […]

5 Questions for Michael Diaz-Rivera

WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR MARIJUANA CONVICTION? My name is Michael Diaz-Rivera and I am a 36 year old father of two. I grew up in a single parent home on the south side of Colorado Springs as the oldest of three. I’ve always been gifted intellectually and some might even […]

Latest from the Blog

Grammy’s Love of Cooking Inspires Generations of Family

Nothing quite sums up a mother’s love like hand-rolled lasagna and sugar-dusted creme puffs. The bigger the dish, the bigger the love, and no other restaurant captures this sentiment quite like Grammy’s Goodies in Wheatridge, CO. Located on a street corner and wrapped in a white picket fence, the cozy, red, checkered table-clothed restaurant tells […]

We Build Community By Telling Our Stories

Between now and the end of the summer you’ll be seeing our team at Bucket List Community Café in your neighborhoods and at your festivals. Come up and talk to us. We’ll have this real tasteful refrigerator magnet to give you. We want to tell you about our online community journalism site that serves North […]

Press Release (about a press release)

I am a television producer because I like to work in the background. That said, one of the realities of publishing a community journalism site is you have to let people know what you’re doing. With the encouragement of Stephanie Snyder at LION Publishers, I am posting our press release to let you know how […]

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