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Sunday / October 2.

This Is Not An Exit

I was in the Book Bar on Tennyson Street the other day.  When I need inspiration I often browse in book stores.  Ideas pop in my head as I move through the store and look at the shelves.  I walked through the fiction stacks and noticed greeting cards displayed on a door to my right and a sign […]

Brianna Titone: Legislative Trailblazer

Democrat Brianna Titone became Colorado’s first openly transgender elected legislator in 2018, helping set a course for a community that has long fought hard for recognition and acceptance.  She is one of a handful of openly transgender representatives currently serving in state governments across the country, which Titone said puts her legislative actions under the microscope.  “Some […]

More Safe Outdoor Spaces for the Homeless Coming to North Denver

Two North Denver safe space encampments for the homeless will be opening up in June due to the efforts of the Colorado Village Collaborative.   On May 5, Regis University announced that its parking lot near 50th and Federal will be one location.  The second will be at Park Hill United Methodist Church.  Colorado Village Collaborative which has been seeking […]

Neighborhood Life

Clean Socks Help People Experiencing Homelessness

The saying goes “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes,” and then you will be able to understand their story. But would you walk a mile barefoot? How about for the rest of your life? In recent years, Denver witnessed an increase in the number of people experiencing homelessness with the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative reporting first time homelessness doubled from […]

Disc Golf Mania: Gotta Go, Gotta Throw

When one considers outdoor sports in Colorado, images of snowcapped peaks peppered with skiers or rocky trails navigated by hikers come to mind. But there is one sport taking Colorado’s recreational community by storm, and it has nothing to with lugging yourself to the top of a mountain. It’s disc golf.  There are a swarm […]

Palisade Peaches Inspire Delicious Cobbler Recipe

It all started with the Crockpot.  After a long day of fifth grade, I swung my Hello Kitty backpack onto the kitchen counter, barely missing a mysterious object that looked like a small, freestanding bathtub with a lid. I inspected the device with a little help from my tippy toes and observed some kind of […]

Five Questions

5 Questions: Polly Baca on Voting

Polly Baca has been active in Democratic politics since her college days at Colorado State University. Since then she has worked on presidential campaigns, has served in presidential administrations and was Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee . She is a labor and civil rights leader in our state and was elected to the […]

5 Questions for Steven Johnson

You recently lost your son, Jake, in a tragic hit and run accident.  Tell us about what made him so special? Jake was our gentle giant. He was 6′-4″ and incredibly fit, yet the most humble, kind, loving, compassionate, thoughtful person I have ever known. He was the best of all of us. Jake came into […]

5 Questions for Sandy Phillips

It’s been ten years since you lost your daughter Jesse in the Aurora Theatre Shooting.  How has this changed you? I’m a completely different human being. My values are different. What I do for a living is different. The things I enjoy are different. It’s changed my husband’s and my relationship for the better and it’s […]

Latest from the Blog

GRACe in Globeville is a Haven for Artists

It’s hard to miss the giant hammer and bright green signage seemingly sprouting out of the ground at the intersection of Washington and 50th, beckoning you towards Globeville Riverfront Arts Center. You might not expect to find this kind of place in Globeville – a neighborhood where nearly a quarter of families were living in poverty as […]

An Explosion of Development on Tennyson Street

The news that the Book Bar will close after this holiday season is just the latest quake on Tennyson Street in Denver’s Berkeley neighborhood.  Owner Nicole Hann Sullivan announced that the 10-year old book and wine shop would shutter at the end of January due to rising costs, and her desire to prioritize family.  It’s a one […]

Autism Rescue Kits Help During Emergencies

Law enforcement and first responders often have challenges handling people who are going through a mental health crisis. Those who have disabilities or are on the autism spectrum have specific needs when they are going through trauma or agitation. Many first responders do not have the tools necessary to provide for this. Bill Cassel is […]

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