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Friday / September 22.
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Best Denver Metro Make Out Spots

Ah yes, the month of February has arrived which means love is everywhere and chocolate sales are skyrocketing. It seems like everyone is in the mood for something sweet, but I’m not talking about candy. I’m talking about the lips of our significant others!  Now’s the time to take inspiration from our baby boomer ancestors and hit up the best places in the Denver Metro to make out.  Where you ask?  I’ve got the sweet spots.  

Homestead Hills Park, Thornton, CO

The first contestant of our list is a little bit far away from Denver, but this is a favorite spot among adults who grew up in Thornton. Personally, I know a couple of people who say this is Thornton’s designated “Lookout Mountain” for the beautiful panoramic views of the city and there’s even some public speculation that this area could be a cover up for a bunker! This area is one of the most well-known make out spots of Thornton, but because of its reputation, there tends to be a bit more traffic here. Occasionally you will hear cars pull up with loud music, but everyone is in their own world. Hit Homestead Hills during the week and it’s quiet and secluded.  And guess what? Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday this year! During the summer this place would still count as a romantic breather from the city as there are benches throughout the park and there’s a hill with a flat surface that is perfect for picnics or just laying down and stargazing!  I would rate this place a 9/10 for a car make out session. 

Westminster City Park Recreation Center, Westminster, CO

Hear me out on this one! I’ve been on a couple of dates here myself before being cuffed, but I promise you it’s very secluded because not many people think to come here at night! Similar to Homestead Hills Park, the parking lot at the recreation center offers a great time to sit in your car and have a wonderful view of Broomfield and if you go around sunset you can catch a colorful sky and mountain view. This place is unfortunately well lit, but I guess you could say it adds to the risk factor which makes making out even more exciting. Not to mention it’s very close to Westminter’s Promenade that has restaurants, a movie theater, and a bowling alley which makes the recreation center a perfect place to go relax and steal a kiss after date night. This is one of my favorite spots so I would give it a 10/10 for car talks and make outs.

Overland Pond Parking, Denver, CO

This is definitely a hidden gem! I found this spot on the way from Ruby Hill Park to Washington Park during my research for this story. To think that I almost missed it! That’s how private and secretive Overland Pond Parking is. There isn’t much to say about this area due to how small it is, but it’s definitely an area that gets straight to the point. The parking space is close to an avenue so there’s a lot of passing by traffic, but not many people see the space because of how dark it is at night! That’s how I missed it! Expect to see a couple of cars parked nearby, but similar to Homestead Hills Park, everyone is in their own business. This spot does not offer any beautiful views like the others have on the list, in fact I would say it’s not as scenic, but it is private and entirely lit by moonlight. I would rate this spot a 9/10. 

Washington Park, Denver, CO

Parks are just coming in clutch for this list. Now Washington Park is a pretty public place, especially during the day so like the rest of these other spots, I highly recommend that you go at night. There is a nearby sports park that is well lit and occupied at night, but if you keep your distance, you’ll be okay.  For this spot, I also highly recommend parking near the lake for beautiful scenery to look at when you open your eyes! It’s close to South Pearl Street which is a cute little street with a variety of restaurants to hit up. Washington Park could act as the nightcap for a special date. I would rate this spot an 8/10 for being secluded at night and dim lighting, but it gets points off for the nearby sports area of the park. 

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