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Saturday / December 2.
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Banned Books Week: A Conversation with Dan Danbom of Printed Page Bookshop

September 18th through the 24th is Banned Books Week. It’s an annual celebration of the freedom to read and Bucket List Community Cafe sits down with Dan Danbom of the Printed Page Bookshop on South Broadway for our third podcast.

His store is a treasure trove of banned books, first editions and rare titles. For readers, just walking in it evokes memories. From the website:

“We’re part of a vanishing breed – the independent, used book store that’s committed to contributing to our community. What keeps us going is our love of books and the lasting relationships we form with our customers. We see ourselves as a relationship-based haven for readers and collectors to “talk book.”

The shop is a co-op of ten book sellers and one can browse for hours. We talked to Dan about his love for reading, how he finds his books and what makes them valuable. Also how he meets a dead man every now and then when he opens up the pages of a book. He is a great storyteller too, as you can imagine considering his love for stories.

As far as banned books go, the American Library Association puts out a list of the books that have been challenged the most. You might be surprised to know that the bible and some of the great classics in literature are among the titles. Here are just a few.

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