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Saturday / December 2.
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Back to School with Dog Trainer Bernadette Pflug

Did you know a dogs tail actually tells a tale? That they open their mouths while relaxed and close their mouth before they bite? That they get a library of information when they smell each other’s butts? Our podcast guest, Bernadette Pflug, owns Black Paw Dog Training in Lafayette, and she trains dogs and their owners so they can have more enjoyable lives together. She choreographs a dance between the dog and the owner, first teaching the dog its steps, then teaching the owner how to dance along.

Bernadette started her career in television but when the travel became too much for a young mother she pivoted to making a living with her other love, dogs. That was over 20 years ago. She and her late German Shepherd, Ranger, worked in Boulder County doing search and rescue, she owned a pet store in Louisville called Black Paw, and after the Marshall Fire she sold it to focus on training dogs. She was recognized by the Boulder County Sheriff for her service to law enforcement and pet owners in the aftermath of the fire. She has trained thousands of dogs including street dogs and shares her best practices on our second podcast.

Bernadette Pflug Black Paw Dog Training

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