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Friday / September 22.
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Marcus Weaver: Praise and Pickles

For most, Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and reflection. The holiday reminds us to think about what they are thankful for. This November, the Bucket List Community Café podcast talks to Marcus Weaver about life lessons, gratitude, helping others, and pickles!

Marcus grew up in the inner city of St. Louis and was raised by his mother and an abusive father figure. He moved around a lot and got in trouble but despite that in 2008, Marcus graduated from radiology school at the top of his class. Then he got in a chase with police and derailed.  

“I fell into a hole. And that hole became like a microcosm of what my life was. So, I was like, man, I need help Lord and two hands came out and pulled me out.”

Marcus bounced around county jails, hoping to find stability. While in jail, Marcus helped others develop elevator speeches that he learned how to create from reading books.

“I got more engaged and, you know, trying to be better to upskill because that’s what some guys needed. Everybody has a situation, but it doesn’t ever have to be a permanent situation.”

After making great strides to improve his outlook on life, he was once again derailed by the Aurora theater shooting in July 2012. Now, ten years later, Marcus touches on the tragedy and how his belief in God helped him overcome the grief that followed.

Today Marcus now works to help marginalized communities and those struggling to find their path. In his efforts, he founded The People’s Pickles, a community-driven social enterprise that helps provide job training and transitional employment in Denver. If you’d like to purchase a jar of The People’s Pickles, visit

Marcus is grateful that he was able to redefine his life and use his experiences to help others in the Denver community. He is now focused on growth and hopes to expand his vocational training to more people in need. We hope you enjoy his inspiring story this Thanksgiving.

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  • story about your life is complete God pull you out you have a lot of faith and a good heart continue to help the community your goal is climbing continue to be that person that you are and you will see more in life I don’t no you like that but the person that you are I’m can say I’m proud of you for letting me be part of the community outreach service

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