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Tuesday / May 30.
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5 Questions for Levi Ryan

What was your assignment and why did you choose to write about wasps?  Aren’t they kind of nasty?  

Our assignment was to study pollinators.  I chose to write about wasps because I like deadly animals.  I like deadly animals because they are cool.  My favorite deadly animal is a king cobra. Wasps are misunderstood because people are scared of them but they are an important part of the ecosystem.  

What was the most interesting or surprising thing you learned about wasps that you think others should know?

Wasps can be any color of the rainbow, like red, orange, green, blue, metallic blue, purple, white and like everyone knows, yellow and black.  You shouldn’t use pesticides on wasps because they eat other pests.  

You talked about wasps being affected by habitat loss and climate change?  Why do those things concern you?

Because if that happens there will be no more wasps.  Wasps are important because they give us between one quarter and one half of our food because they pollinate plants.  I think it is important to protect wasps and nature.  People should stop throwing trash on the ground.  

What do you like about Centennial Elementary School?

I love the nice teachers, especially my second grade teacher Ms. Nancy.  We get to learn about cool things like pollinators, fossils and birds.  I have a lot of friends there.  I live close by and can walk to school.  

What would you like to be when you grow up and why? 

I would like to be an engineer so I can invent cool things. I would like to invent factories that do not cause air pollution.  I would like to invent a real life video game, like a video game that is not on TV.    

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Vicky Collins is a freelance television producer and journalist based in Denver, Colorado with a diverse portfolio of projects that include network news, cable programming, Olympic sports, corporate and non-profit videos. Some of her most satisfying assignments have been covering disasters, working in the slums of developing countries and telling stories of people who show great courage in the face of adversity. She has been in all 50 states and on six continents and many of her television stories and photos are posted on her website at To contact Vicky Collins directly email or tweet @vickycollins.

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