Best Week Ever

Hi. It’s Ca$h. The Bucket List Community Cafe dog.

I know you humans are all having a hard time with this coronavirus thing but allow me to give you paws to think about it like I do.

The last week has been the greatest ever! Mom and the Big Guy are home 24 hours a day. I get more walks , treats and loving hugs than in all my dog years on Earth.  I make my humans take me for walks when I need to poop or just when I want to soak in the smells of the hood. Sometimes we even walk to the mailbox. It’s frickin’ awesome. Before this I would just sleep 18 hours a day. Pinch me, I’m so lucky!

I relish my role as an emotional support dog. I sense they need me now more than ever. That can mean curling up on the couch when they watch TV or just wagging my tail to let everyone know I’m happy and they should be too. It’s the eye contact that says I’m here for you always. I’ve got this as long as I get tummy and chin rubs and table scraps.

On my walks I see my fellow canines doing the same thing. We bring joy to our owners and those who see us. It may look like we’re sniffing butts but we are using dog telepathy to say…isn’t this amazing!

Yep, the best week ever.

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